How does it work?

Adding audio-chat to your website with Space is done by signing up to get your embedded code and adding that code to your website. Once installed, you go live from the dashboard and easily manage your audience.

This page below will provide screenshots and information on how to sign up, get the embedded code to install on your website, create your first audio session and explain a few settings you can change.

Let's get started.

Sign up and get your embeddable code

Click the "Get Started" link on the top right; or click here.

For Step 1, select "On a website you own or manage"

For Step 2, state where you'll be installing this (its for your reference).

For Step 3, enter the complete url of the page you will be using this on.

You will get a popup with your installation code.

You, or your developers will install this in the <head> section of the page you want the audio chat to appear on when you go live.

Once the code is installed, click on "Verify Installation" to verify it was installed correctly.

Host your first session.

Now that your audio chat widget is installed, you can host your first session.

Click on "New room"

Give it a title, a description and click "Go Live"

Your room is live and you can manage the audience from here.

You'll be able to ask the audience to speak, mute, approve speaker requests, or remove them as speakers.


You can change some settings depending on how you want the audio-chat to work.

Open settings by using the dropdown.

You can change the logo that shows up on your website

"Display on Mobile" lets users on mobile browsers to join.
"Display room info when live" shows more details to your users when you are live, making it easier to notice.
"Display placeholder when not live", allows you to display a message when no room is live.

You can also change some room settings.
You can allow attendees to automatically join as speakers
You can allow attendees to request to speak when the are not speakers
You can have attendees join via a popup instead of in-page
You can request attendees to provide an email address before they join