Calendly Audio Only Meetings

You can now add "Audio only meeting" as an option to Calendly and this quick guide will show you how.

To get this setup, we will use Calendly + Space + Google Calendar + Zapier

Let's get started.

Create an event in Calendly

We used the location "Space Audio" and gave it a simple event name "30 minute audio meeting".

The name you use here will be important as we use this to search google calendar events and update with a meeting link.

Obtain your Space client key and secret key.

We'll assume you've already created a Space for this.

Click the name of the space to open dropdown, go to settings.

In settings, Scroll down to advanced -> Integrations. You'll need the Client and Secret Keys

Setup Zapier

When someone books a Calendly meeting, Calendly adds this meeting to your calendar, but it doesn't include the link to your Space room. We use Zapier to handle this with two Zaps.

Zap 1: When a new (google) calendar event is created that matches our search condition, create a space meeting and add the event id to it.

Zap 2: When a new Space meeting with a event Id is created in space, update an external event associated with it.

Lets setup the first Zap, where the trigger is for "Google Calendar" Zap - New Event Matching Search

Note the Search term we use to find a matching event.

For the Action, We select the "Space" Zap action "Create Event in Space".

We use the data from the Trigger to fill up the values - The external event ID here is the google calendar event id.

We then create our Second Zap. The trigger is "Space" Zap - Get New Events in Space.

The action is for "Google Calendar" Zap - with action "Update Event in Google Calendar"

We map the trigger data to the action so that it uses the event Id to find and update the event with the room link.