Drift Audio Chat with Screenshare

Upgrade your prospects experience and convert faster by hosting browser based audio calls with screenshare directly from Drift. No phones, no downloads, no zoom links.

Install the App

Simply search for our Space integration and install the App.


Go from Text to Audio

To upgrade any drift text chat to an audio chat, enter /space in the conversation composer.


Audio Call Created

You are sent a unique link to join the audio call as the host; you click and join as host.


Prospect clicks to join

Your prospect is sent a unique link to join the audio call as a prospect, they click to join the audio call.


Have a great call

One click to start screenshare or invite team members when needed.


Audio within Browser

High quality audio calls that run from within the browser - no need to ask for phone numbers or have prospects call you.


One click to start a screenshare that runs from the browser. No need to download any meeting clients, book for later, or leave your site.

CRM Integration

Sync customer and prospect data in your CRM with audio interactions, recordings and transcriptions.


Add Audio Chat with Screenshare to your Drift flow.

Try for free

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