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Make it easy for your customers to talk to you using audio chat directly on your website. A single click requests an audio chat - no need to setup a virtual phone number or dial a number.

The “Conversational” in “Conversational Sales”, “Conversational Marketing”, “Conversational Support” and many other “Conversational X’s” - was meant to facilitate interactive communication between two humans, but instead, became frustrating interactions with emotionless chatbots.

A good way to lose a prospective customer to someone else is to have them chat with your chatbot, or fill up a form where someone will get back to them later. The other company that made it easier for that customer to connect with them, won them.

There will always be a need to connect and interact with someone in real time and between picking up the phone to call someone, or chatting with sales or support over text - live 1:1 audio chat is a better option.

At times, emotion, tone, and vocal delivery matter, but requiring someone to dial a number (or a business to get a phone number) adds a step in getting a conversation going and adds friction. Often, customers are in front of their computers, hooked up to their headset, multi-tasking or in an area that has no reception and calling is just not possible.

Then - there are times where an inbound question, such as “does your product do….” is better answered on the spot with “yes - let me just share my screen and show you”, or an inbound customer success “Can you show me how to” is answered with is “sure, I’ll share my screen and we can review your dashboard”.

Go from audio chat to screenshare in one place.

There will be scenarios where a chatbot, or phone calls are ideal but the faster you can offer the information your prospects and customers are looking for, the higher your conversion and satisfaction rate.


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